Belarus has reacted to the sanctions imposed by the Baltic states. The authorities in Minsk assured that they would take adequate measures in response.

“The attempts to impose sanctions have the opposite effect,” Anatoly Glaz, the Belarusian Interior Ministry spokesman said, as

“Such a persistent desire to fall into the trap and keep going over the same ground is a real disappointment. I do not understand how such a step should support the sovereignty of Belarus. Any attempts to influence Belarus with sanctions are unsuccessful,” Glaz said.

The Foreign Ministry also noted that Belarus would have to “take adequate measures” against the sanctions’ initiators.

“We will patiently wait for the moment when common sense prevails in the minds of our partners. We are confident that this moment will come sooner than it may seem to somebody,” the Belarusian Foreign Minister concluded.

It is worth noting that the Foreign Ministries of Latvia and Estonia, as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, announced on 31 August that Alexander Lukashenka and 29 other Belarusian officials were prohibited from entering the Baltic States.

Natalia Tolub

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