3D printers for artificial lung ventilation, a device that converts ordinary water into a disinfectant, corn and reed box-like workpiece for a sanitizer … Ukrainians are fighting against the pandemic together with the whole world. Promote Ukraine researched the developments and projects of Ukrainian technological teams that help to overcome the epidemic.

Iryna Suprunyuk, Communication TechUkraine company

Ukrainian dual-purpose technology development company UA. RPA has already started the production of a thermovision temperature gage, which, in particular, measures a body temperature at a distance of up to 8 meters with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees. The gauge is a “black body” with a set temperature of 36.8. The software adjusts the outside temperature to the medical one according to the recommended algorithms. The devices are designed for usage in crowded places: subways, shopping malls, business centres.

Ukrainian startup Mawi Band has introduced the Mavi Pipeline, which doubles the number of patients who can be connected to a single ventilator. Mawi Pipeline is a high-precision mechanical workpiece made on a 3D printer, developed to expand the functionality of ventilation. The solution consists of two parts: a Y-shaped adapter for air movement and a one-way valve for airflow.

The World Health Organization uses the Ukrainian Restream service, through which it distributes its statements on all social media platforms. Due to the service, one can conduct online broadcasts on different platforms (FB, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, more than 30 in total) at the same time, managing the process from one account.

The Hacklab – Kyiv Hackerspace team works on an oxygen concentrator, which is an oxygen therapy system that helps to saturate COVID- 19 patients’ lungs with oxygen. This is so important in the disease treatment as the connection to the ventilator. Now the prototype of the hub is ready and under testing.

Three Ukrainian innovation laboratories have started production of personal protective equipment for doctors (face screens) and medical institutions with the 3D printers. These are Kyiv Fabricator/FabLab, Lviv Tech LabInno, Odesa Revel Laboratory. Laboratories, with the support of volunteers and philanthropists, provide screens to metropolitan and regional hospitals.

Ukrainian startup Traces.ai monitors the contacts of patients with COVID-19 risk. In contradiction with existing video security systems, which work on the face recognition principle, the Traces team has developed a technology that erases the human face in the frame and analyzes 2000 other parameters, including skin colour, type and details of clothing, hairstyle, body shape and more for the identification.

Lviv startup 3D Tech ADDtive has developed contactless disinfectants. Moreover, their body parts are printed on a 3D printer made of PLA food plastic, which is produced from cellulose, reeds and processed parts of corn. The team has developed a concept, the cost of which is only UAH 583.

The Ukrainian entrepreneur from Vinnytsia, Colab partner and machine learning expert Artur Kalyan, has formed an international group of more than 800 CoronaWhy volunteers. It aims to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data related to the COVID-19 outbreak as well as looking for the most effective treatment solutions.

Danilo Sokolov, marketer at DNA325 

What projects have we seen during the corona crisis? For example, Caretech Human is an innovative IoT solution for continuous automatic health monitoring and early detection of disease at home. It is based on sensory technologies, which, together with mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence, have made the detection of dangerous markers minimum concentrations possible.

DewPocket is the first portable device that converts ordinary water into an effective 99.9% microbial sanitizer. The price of one is about 600 hryvnias. It looks like a small container with a spray. You need to pour it with water, close and the spray is ready.

The Ukrainian Foundation of Startups together with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, YEP and other participants launched a joint online platform AC LAB21. The platform is focused on the search for effective solutions that will help overcome the effects of the global crisis in Eastern Europe.

To do this, they call on teams of designers, programmers, students, scientists to create effective solutions to overcome the global crisis and reduce the effects of the pandemic, to offer programs for the transition of business online.

My tips 

Now is the time to focus on consumers and consumer needs. Products should revolve around them, so beware of any changes that could adversely affect the user experience. Startups must meet the needs and gaps in the market.

After all, during any economic recession consumers are often the first to reject non-essential goods or services. We know that COVID-19 will affect investment in the pre-seed / seed stages, but none knows how long it will take. With this in mind, startups should make cost savings and changes in product development and yield. The main advice is to focus on customer retention.

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