Ukrainian media report that special wiretapping equipment was allegedly found in the Head of Ukraine’s Security Service Ivan Bakanov’s office. At the same time, journalists refer to the information published by the People’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky.

According to him, 3 devices for the secret information extraction were found in the Head of Ukraine’s Security Service Office Head. Besides, the specialists found a hidden microphone in Bakanov’s wife’s car.

The Security Service of Ukraine hasn’t t confirmed the information officially declared by the Deputy, though hasn’t denied it.

Meanwhile, the rumours of the “bugs” detection were confirmed by other sources. Particularly, the journalist Volodymyr Boyko wrote in his Telegram channel that he had come to know about the special wiretapping equipment discovery in the Head of Ukraine ‘s Security Service on April 14. According to him, ” every step of Bakanov was under control.”

Let’s recall that one found the online audio recording of the conversation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine actual then Alexey Goncharuk, National Bank Deputy Head Catherine Rozhkova and the Finance Minister Oksana Markarova in January this year. They were discussing the UAH/USD exchange rate and the economic processes in the country before the meeting with Zelensky. The recording was produced on December 16, 2019. The criminal case was instituted on this fact. Meanwhile, the law enforcement officers haven’t given an answer yet who had recorded the conversation and in what way.

Bogdan Marusyak

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