Venherskyi Petro, Kropyva Michael The importance of elaborated training for information security specialists in the successful development of the country in current conditions – DOI 10.34054/bdc005 in:  Conference proceeding “Behind the Digital Curtain. Civil Society vs. State Sponsored Cyber Attacks”, Brussels – 25/06/2019 – DOI 10.34054/bdc000

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Cybersecurity is no longer an issue to be taken lightly. Be it an individual or a corporation it brings a huge amount of damage. Last year was terrible for a bunch of not only organizations but countries at large which were infected by global massive ransomware. Cyberattacks are now on the rise coming in many different forms and are always evolving. To fight them efficiently we need a pool of qualified professionals who will continuously assess existing and potential threats, and adjust security systems respectively and make them resistant to attacks.

As of now, Ukraine has a great potential in terms of talents but educational opportunities do not meet current needs to the fullest. To nourish a strong community of cybersecurity specialists we’ve united the efforts and developed an up-to-date bachelor program which balances theoretical knowledge and practical experience on real-life projects with seasoned IT experts. Due to the fruitful collaboration of Lviv IT community and educational establishments we all benefit – students get high-quality education based on the latest tech developments, and companies get motivated graduates with relevant knowledge and experience.

The necessity of implementation of the provisions of European and international organizations aimed at introduction of modern educational and professional programs for the preparation of bachelor’s degrees in cyber security, the development of modern curricula and programs based on the development of mini-projects with the support of mentors from IT companies for the development of professional skills of cyber security specialists, providing the required number of specialists able to effectively solve the problems of information security of society.

One example of such educational programs is the development of a new, innovative, practical cyber security program at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, which combines the study of the basics of cyber security, the legal and organizational principles of combating cybercrime, software, cryptographic mechanisms and technical means of personal protection, enterprises , institutions and the country as a whole.

Professional ability to analyze potential threats and risks of cybersecurity, the ability to detect signs of external influence, to simulate the possible such effects, to predict their consequences, the use of systemic software tools, the analysis of information security of objects and systems, using national and european standards, the formation of the complex measures to manage cybersecurity are the foundation, the main requirements of the professional competencies of educational programs for future cyber security specialists.

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