Dear readers and experts!

We have prepared the second issue of the Brussels Ukraїna Review for print before the coronavirus pandemic intervened in the lives of each of us. These tragic circumstances have forced us to decide whether to print the journal after the end of the quarantine or to launch the magazine online now. Although the pandemic has somewhat changed the way we spend our days, the issues raised before it started have not disappeared. And the longer we wait, the more urgent they become. That is why we are offering a selection of our experts’ articles right now. We still have some articles and interviews, which we intended to include in this issue, remaining. We plan to print them in the third issue of the journal. We hope it will be soon. In this issue, you will learn about the change of the government in Ukraine, Ukraine’s digital potential, the non-military struggle between Ukraine and Russia, the controversy over the handling of the investigation into the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, and much more. Starting with this issue, we are also introducing “Cultural Pages”, where we will write about European elements of Ukrainian culture and vice versa, as well as about Ukrainian traditions and interesting places to visit in Ukraine.

Enjoy reading!

Marta Barandiy

Brussels Ukraine Review


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