Strike on School in Romny Town

Strike on School in Romny Town 1 September, Knowledge Day, is coming when schoolchildren have to go to school. And what is the neighbour doing? It shells a school some days before to deprive the children of Ukraine of such […]
Chernihiv Attacked with Ballistic Missiles

Chernihiv Attacked with Ballistic Missiles Saturday morning, families with children go to the centre where people can walk with strollers or rest in a park, but the occupiers have other plans: they need to destroy, ruin, and launch missiles […]
Missile Attack on Pokrovsk City, Donetsk Region

Missile Attack on Pokrovsk City, Donetsk Region Russia is trying to leave only broken and burnt stones in the Donbas region. There were two missile strikes. An ordinary residential building was hit. Unfortunately, there are victims. The death toll in Pokrovsk […]
Massive Terrorist Attack

Massive Terrorist Attack The Russian invaders attacked almost the entire territory of Ukraine for more than seven hours last night. It was the most massive attack in recent times. Kh-22, Kalibr, Oniks missiles, and Shahed drones were […]
Russia Kills Ukrainian Civilians

Russia Kills Ukrainian Civilians An attack by two Iskander missiles was launched in the evening just as people reached home after work. The criminal regime of the Russian Federation continues its terror tactics against Ukrainian civilians. Ten people […]
Russian Terror

Russian Terror Having no success on the battlefield, the Russian invaders continue to terrorise the civilian population of Ukraine with constant missile and drone attacks that result in numerous casualties. For the second night, the Russian […]