Photo by Ukraine without Corruption

The duality of Ukrainian reality: resistance of corruption to Western ideals

The whole world witnessed how during the Euromaidan demonstrations in the winter of 2013-2014, young people died on the streets of Kyiv for the ideal of a modern, uncorrupted, democratic European country. This significant (and desperate) gesture sparked hope for a prosperous Ukraine across the globe, including within political institutions.

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Social Projects as Tool to Promote Ukraine – Image of Ukraine Roundtable

Children, young people and ordinary Ukrainians who want peace in Ukraine – are able to reach the hearts of European authorities and citizens. And, therefore, persuade them to support Ukraine, despite its awkward politicians and a crusty political system which is difficult to reform. Social projects are one of the

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Fighting Propaganda and Fake News – Image of Ukraine Roundtable

Earlier Russian propaganda was mostly the problem of Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, but now it has become a problem of Europe which can no longer be ignored. The Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns have become a factor capable to influence election results. They can even change political regimes in other countries.

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